The Reimand lab works on computational biology and bioinformatics. Our focus is on cancer research, biological networks and data integration. We are part of the Informatics and Biocomputing department of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) located in downtown Toronto, one of top three biotech hubs in North America and an exceptionally collaborative environment. We are affiliated with the Department of Medical Biophysics of the University of Toronto and accept graduate students for Master’s and PhD projects. For a quick introduction, please see the faculty profile of Dr. Jüri Reimand at the MBP website and our publications in Google Scholar.

Current cancer research routinely generates large-scale datasets, however understanding the data remains a great challenge. The Reimand lab develops and applies bioinformatics and machine learning methods to interpret cancer data using pathway and network information. Pathways and networks represent knowledge from earlier research that helps to highlight aspects of data that tell us about underlying biology. With this in mind, we aim to explain omics data, discover cancer driver genes and predictive biomarkers, interpret the function of genome mutations and discover master gene regulators of cellular processes.

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