preprint in bioRxiv – evolution of pathway annotations

Pathway analysis is a common technique to explain genetic data from experiments. It uses statistics with known facts about genes and their roles. As the first project of our new lab, we studied the ways researchers use pathway analysis in their work. It turns out that too many scientists use tools that are horribly out of date. Close to 80% of scientific publications we surveyed likely only discovered about 20% of all potential results. This is because they relied on software from 2010 and earlier. Thousands of scientific studies appeared in 2015 that include clearly out-dated findings in the context of pathways. Things develop very rapidly in genomics and that has a strong impact on practical data analysis.

Impact of knowledge accumulation on pathway enrichment analysis
Lina Wadi, Mona Meyer, Joel Weiser, Lincoln D Stein, and Jüri Reimand

BioRxiv | April 19 2016 | DOI: 10.1101/049288